CCA-Project5 Fume ControlWe can design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and maintain a large variety of dust collectors and fume control equipment. We can also provide any of these individually or on a full turnkey project basis what ever you need.

There is a large variety of equipment to choose from:-

  • Reverse pulse cloth filter style dust collectors,
  • Reverse pulse cartridge style dust collectors,
  • Reverse air style cloth and cartridge style dust collectors collectors,
  • Reverse pulse cleaned dust collectors cleaning on a continuous basis or differential pressure controlled
  • Shaker style dust collectors in both cloth and cartridge styles
  • Wet scrubbers for dust and fume collection
  • Electrostatic fume collectors
  • Oil mist collection equipment
  • Welding fume extraction equipment

Reverse Pulse, Reverse Air and Shaker Dust Collectors

We can source or manufacture components for a huge range of dust and fume control brands.